Rivesaltes Delving 1947

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Rivesaltes Delving 1947

Rivesaltes Delving 1947

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Size 750ml

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Region: Languedoc Roussillon

Rivesaltes is the first appellation of natural sweet wine.


Rivesaltes is fortified with neutral grape spirit during fermentation, which halts the process. The remaining wines are sweet and high in alcohol, clocking in at an average of 15.5 percent ABV. Fortification stabilizes the wine, killing yeast and any bacteria that would create off-flavors or aromas.
Then the wine is put in 5 to 10-gallon glass bottles called demi-johns and they are left outside for a year. 


Amber-hued, with mellow roasted coffee aromas and flavors, a touch of sprightly orange zest and a nutty almond finish, this would be delicious served with hard cheeses, fruit desserts or paired simply with good after-dinner conversation.