Rivesaltes Château Las Collas 1961

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Rivesaltes Château Las Collas 1961

Rivesaltes Château Las Collas 1961

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Size 750ml

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Region: Languedoc Roussillon

Rivesaltes is the first appellation of natural sweet wine 


The estate was created in the 17th century on the site of ancient forests. Four generations of enthusiasts have succeeded each other at Château Las Collas, including Jacques Bailbé, winemaker in the estate since 1979. He remains committed to maintaining the family tradition while respecting the quality of the wines and its terroir.


Château Las Collas has 60 hectares in the town of Thuir in the Eastern Pyrénées. Terroir of Les Aspres in Roussillon.


Rivesaltes is fortified with neutral grape spirit during fermentation, which halts the process. The remaining wines are sweet and high in alcohol, clocking in at an average of 15.5 percent ABV. Fortification stabilizes the wine, killing yeast and any bacteria that would create off-flavors or aromas.
Then the wine is put in 5 to 10-gallon glass bottles called demi-johns and they are left outside for a year. 


This lovely Rivesaltes is well-suited for a cheese course, dessert or after-dinner conversation.