Pavillon Rouge du Château Margaux 1982

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Pavillon Rouge du Château Margaux 1982

Pavillon Rouge du Château Margaux 1982

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2nd label of Chateau Margaux

Bordeaux Blend

Region: Bordeaux


The production of a second wine probably goes back to the beginning of the XVII century because it is inseparable from the search for excellence which started at that time.
Sold under the name of “Château Margaux 2nd wine”, it took its permanent name of Pavillon Rouge du Château Margaux in 1908. 
The quality of Pavillon Rouge has become very close to that of the first wine because all the plots involved contributed to the blending of Château Margaux not so long ago. 


Throughout the whole year, the weather conditions were very favourable for the vines and for the ripening of the grapes. After an early flowering, the summer was particularly hot, especially in July and during the first two weeks of September. The grapes reached outstanding ripeness levels with, among other feats, a record concentration in sugar. 


Pavillon Rouge du Château Margaux has kept its wooden vats along with new stainless steel vats for the vinification of the red grapes, because the wooden vats offer numerous advantages. Their tapered shape and their thermal inertia favour the concept of extraction by creating a stronger contact between the must and the grape skins, where the wine draws its colour and body from. This closer maceration makes the wines both richer and softer, which better express the extraordinary potential of our wines as well as our own conception of taste.
Aged in new French oak barrels for eighteen to twenty-six months. 


The second wine of Château Margaux is perfectly in keeping with the quality of this extraordinary vintage, which enabled wines to attain a rare level of power, complexity and opulence. The impression of harmony and complexity which comes through when tasting the Pavillon Rouge 1982 is perhaps the sign that this wine has reached its peak. In any case, there is probably nothing to be gained by waiting to drink the wine.
Pairs well with almost any grilled, braised or roasted meat ranging from beef, veal, pork, duck, pigeon, squab and game.