Imperial Palace Blanc de Blancs

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Imperial Palace Blanc de Blancs

Imperial Palace Blanc de Blancs

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Vin Mousseux (Sparkling Wine)

Ugni Blanc

Region: Bordeaux


The origin of Société des Vins Mousseux (S.V.M.) comes back to the early 1900’s, in Bordeaux. It is today one of the leading companies producing exclusively quality sparkling wines. Know-how and flexibility combined allow S.V.M. to be distributed in more than 20 countries in the world.


Limestone soils of the Charante.


The effervescence is the result of a second fermentation in closed vats, obtained thanks to selected strains of cultured dry yeast coming from the Oenological Institute of Champagne. This natural process is all temperature controlled, to guaranty the best quality. During the fermentation, the wine is pumped over the yeast at regular time. It is then aged at least three months “on lees” which gives the wine its unique aromatic structure and depth. The addition of the expedition liquor and a strict filtering complete the bottling process. The Imperial Palace rests at least another three months in our cellars before shipment. It is best appreciated straight, or in cocktails.


Light and lively bubbles. Brilliant in appearance. Citrus and golden apple on the nose, it also developpes aromas of bread dough and a hint of honey. Quite dry but bold, with a good linger and depth.

It is best enjoyed chilled on its own as an aperitif, or in a cocktail (like Mimosa) and will enlighten any special occasion such as weddings and banquets.