Grand Enclos du Château de Cerons Red Graves 2018

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Grand Enclos du Château de Cerons Red Graves 2018

Grand Enclos du Château de Cerons Red Graves 2018

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54% Cabernet Sauvignon
46% Merlot

Region: Bordeaux


It all began in the Second Empire, on the estate of the Marquis de Calvimont. The lands of the Château de Cérons were split into two parts following the construction of the National Highway linking Bordeaux to Spain. This is how the Grand Enclos du Château de Cérons gained its independence, accumulating today more than 200 years of life.

A few centuries later... Giorgio Cavanna, born in Rome, Italy, studied French and then went on to pursue a career in industry between Italy and France. As soon as he has time, he returns to Tuscany, to the Castello di Ama estate. It is a magnificent wine estate that was bought by his father and his three other partners in 1972. Thanks to their work, the estate has become one of the most renowned in Tuscany. Giorgio spent a good part of his teenage years there and regularly rubbed shoulders with one of the greatest names in oenology, Patrick Léon (former winemaker at Mouton-Rothschild), who thus put the Cavanna family on the path to great wines. His long association and friendship with Patrick Léon and his son Bertrand led him to buy the Grand Enclos.


It is estimated that the first vines were planted more than two thousand years ago. They form an enclave 50km long by 10km to 20km wide that stretches from the south of Bordeaux to Langon.The Graves de Bordeaux are protected from bad weather by the pine forests on one side and the Garonne river on the other side, which protects them from the rigors of the summer sun.Finally, a landscape, almost flat, imperceptibly undulating, between forest and river, which is the very image of the Gironde vineyard.
The Graves de Bordeaux in Gascon. The Graves are the only French wines that bear the name of their soil. Their particularity lies in the very nature of the stones that compose them: they accumulate the sun's heat during the day and slowly release it again at night. 

Inside the Enclos and on the superb Plateau de Podensac, this mixture of pebbles, gravel and sandy deposits, over limestone layers, with great wine-growing potential, occupies metres and metres of depth.


Sustainable farming. The respect of the vine, the choice of quality. At the Grand Enclos du Château de Cérons, the vines are treated with love and respect.
Chemical treatments have long since been reduced to the strict minimum in favour of attentive listening and unfailing care, marked by the seasons.
It is with the same respect and care that the wine making process is carried out so that nature and terroir give the best of themselves.


Fermented in thermo-regulated truncated cone-shaped stainless steel vats with long vatting periods, it is aged in barrels of the best stave oak, with 30-50% new wood, for 12-14 months.


Ideal with tasty red meats such as lamb, duck breast, all game universe, as well as the classic beef ribs cooked on vine shoots. Its spicy character is perfectly suited even to Roquefort cheese.