Domaine Jean-Michel Gaunoux Meursault 1er Cru "Gouttes d'Or" 2018

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Domaine Jean-Michel Gaunoux Meursault 1er Cru "Gouttes d&

Domaine Jean-Michel Gaunoux Meursault 1er Cru "Gouttes d'Or" 2018

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Meursault 1er Cru "Gouttes d'Or"


100% Chardonnay

Region: Cote de Beaune, Bourgogne


The Gaunoux family’s winemaking history stretches back to 1875. Jean-Michel Gaunoux worked with his father, Francois, at Domaine François Gaunoux for several years, but after acquiring vineyard parcels from his mother's family in 1990, he ventured out on his own to start Domaine Jean-Michel Gaunoux.


Limited to 5.33ha, "Goutte d'Or" is the smallest of the 1er Cru sites that is cultivated by Domaine Jean-Michel Gaunoux. Translated as "drops of gold", "Goutte d'Or" sits at a high elevation, that's on par with "Perrieres" and "Genevrieres", but here, the soil is clay heavy with a limestone base, where the vines take root on slopes that face east.


The vineyards are all treated with the utmost care; he practices lutte raisonnée—the “reasoned struggle” –by which he avoids the use of pesticides in the soil, and utilizes green harvesting for low yields. In the cellar, Henri uses traditional methods and a light touch, using a modest amount of new oak and neither filtering nor fining his wines.


Ageing: in around 40% new oak

Jean-Michel insists on low yields in the vineyards and in the winery adopts a hands-off approach to winemaking, with little racking and an extremely judicious use of new oak.

These are elegant, stylish and harmonious wines that age marvellously.


A rich and fat wine, with a delicious and joyful hazelnut flavor. Almond and hazelnut roasted in a vegetal, floral and mineral environment. Butter, honey, citrus fruits also appeal to the nose.

Suggested pairings: Subtle and fine-textured fish or meat such as grilled lobster, crawfish or king prawns in garlic butter sauce, and poultry or veal with white sauce.