Domaine de la Margotterie Pineau des Charentes

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Domaine de la Margotterie Pineau des Charentes

Domaine de la Margotterie Pineau des Charentes

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Pineau des Charentes

Ugni-Blanc and Colombard

Region: Western France


The Domaine de la Margotterie is a family property located in St Bonnet sur Gironde, along the Gironde estuary, enjoying a mild and sunny climate.

Though Cognac is far more recognizable than Pineau des Charentes, Pineau has a long history and tradition among the region’s locals. Legend has it that in the late 1500s, a producer accidentally put unfermented grape must into a barrel that, un-be-known to him, already contained Cognac eau-de-vie. Upon opening the barrel several years later, the accidental concoction was tasted, approved, and dubbed Pineau des Charentes.


Sustainable Farming: HVE3, Terra Vitis.


You will be bewitched by its golden yellow robe, the result of a blend of fresh grape juice and brandy. The Pineau Blanc Tradition from the Domaine de la Margotterie will be perfect, served as an aperitif, accompanied by foie gras. Its nose will transport you between the aromas of dried fruit and honey while on the palate, it will make you discover the flavors of almonds and apples.