Dagueneau Sancerre "Le Mont Damné" 2018 Magnum 1500ml

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Dagueneau Sancerre "Le Mont Damné" 2018 Magnum 1500ml

Dagueneau Sancerre "Le Mont Damné" 2018 Magnum 1500ml

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Size 1500ml

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100% Sauvignon Blanc

Region: Loire Valley


Louis-Benjamin Dagueneau is the master of this exceptional estate dedicated to Sauvignon Blanc.

Since the untimely passing of his father, in September 2008, Louis-Benjamin runs the domaine along with his sister Charlotte. Together they continue to maintain the wine legacy left by their father, who was often referred to as an acclaimed artist and ‘France’s most physically messianic winemaker in a bacchic parody of the Annunciation’. With enormous courage and great willpower, the siblings have risen to the challenge of producing spectacular wines.


The domaine is located in the village of Saint-Andelain on the very best terroirs that Pouilly-Fumé has to offer. The terroirs, the vines and the grapes are king on this 12-hectare estate exclusively planted with Sauvignon.


Dagueneau vineyard practices are a combination of the exacting (extremely low yields, hand harvesting in multiple passes) with the unusual, such as using horses to plow the soil between vines.

Organic and biodynamic farming


In the pristine cellar, or shall we say a ‘haute-couture’ workshop, the aim is to give birth to Sauvignon with a crystalline purity and clarity. The near to millimetric ageing in uniquely shaped oak barrels of 320 litres, called “cigares”, and in 600-litre barrels called “tonnes”, offers many benefits to the wines.  


The nose of Mont Damné 2018 is scented with white peach oil, lime, fresh walnuts, with hints of chalk dust. A bouquet full of promise that continues to become more complex in contact with oxygen, exciting and bewitching.
The palate is infused with a wonderful sweet, salty flavor of lobster shell powder, gunflint, white currant, peat and crushed rock. The taste diversity is striking, the mineral and salty elements collide with the nut oil and the ripe fruits, they give it a tasty and frankly persistent length.