Best Kept Secret In The Loire Valley - Menetou-Salon

Discover Antoine de la Farge wines from Domaine Chavet.

The Chavet family has been growing vines since the 17th century, in the very heart of the Menetou-Salon appellation, right next to Sancerre. 

The story began in the 1450s, when Jacques Cœur, King Charles VII's Great Bursar turned local wines into the best wines on local lords' tables.

Combining the techniques of "Vendanges Verte", also widely known as green harvest, the Chavet family showcased how yield management can elevate the quality of their grapes and highlight the unique personalities of ancient Jurassic fossil soil.

Today, the same spirit is reinforced by celebrating the beauty of Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir on Chavet's 23 hectares estate. Chavet is highly recognized by their ready-to-drink single-varietal wines, with bouquets of ripe fruit aromas, crisp acidity and fine textures. They are delicate, delicious and infused with a modern interpretation.